Single on Valentine’s Day and not too happy about it? Consider this: for every unhappy couple exchanging insipid Hallmark cards and forced into a cliche romantic meal on Feb. 14, there’s a content girl at home alone eating pancakes for dinner and watching "Bridget Jones's Diary."

If you fall into the single-on-Valentine’s-Day camp, fret not; you can celebrate Singles’ Awareness Day (SAD) instead! In response to the push to commodify romance in the name of flowers, chocolate and cards, Feb. 15 has been declared a holiday for the unattached. According to the website, this is “the day that all of the single people can proudly stand up and show that it is okay to be single.”

The goal of SAD is to have a day for the stag to celebrate too, whether by having singles’ parties, volunteering, indulging in a spa day – you name it.

In the beginning Feb. 14 was celebrated as SAD, but the folks at have been promoting Feb. 15 as the day to sing the praises of romantic solitude. Whether you want to commemorate your lack of a mate on the 14th or 15th doesn’t really matter, just remember: be single and be proud!

If you need some encouragement, check out the PSA below in which they remind us of the benefits of kicking Cupid's day to the curb, like “no baking heart-shaped red velvet cupcakes at 2 a.m.” and “no fighting three guys for the last bouquet of roses.”

Happy SAD!

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Happy Singles’ Awareness Day!
Because there's no shame in being single on Valentine's Day.