"We recycle, turn the lights off when we leave the room, that's about it," admits Holly Robinson Peete. "I don't have a Prius.” But she does make sure that she makes the most of the fuel she puts into her car by keeping her tires inflated to the correct pressure level. "You're going to get much better gas mileage that way," says "The Talk" co-host, who received the Humanitarian Award from Maternal Fetal Care International at Tiato in Santa Monica on May 6 in honor of her efforts to help pregnant women in the developing world.

Peete, who runs her own autism foundation (one of her four children is autistic), became involved in the cause via her relationship with its founder, Dr. Lisa Masterson ("The Doctors"), with whom she went to Kenya and assisted in caring for expectant mothers and delivering babies, "being part of her mission to save others from preventable deaths."

Peete's latest trip was a quick flight to Las Vegas with husband Rodney and three "Talk" co-hosts to see the Pacquiao-Mosley fight before spending Mother's Day at home with her kids, who made birdhouses and wrote notes for her. She also got flowers from recent "Talk" guest Justin Bieber, one of her favorite interviewees along with old friend Hilary Swank, children's advocate Marian Wright Edelman, and Myrtle Evers-Williams, the widow of civil rights hero Medgar Evers. She's grateful for the platform the daytime chatfest gives her "to highlight my mission with autism." Her HollyRod foundation will hold its annual benefit in July.

She's hoping "personal favorite" Denzel Washington guests on "The Talk," but Michelle Obama tops the to-get list. "We're all enamored of her," says Peete. Looking ahead, she's working on a second children's book with her daughter Ryan Elizabeth, based on their trip to South Africa. With a pen pal theme, it's for pre-teens and will be out next year.

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Holly Robinson Peete minds her tire pressure to save gas
'The Talk' co-host Holly Robinson Peete talks about favorite guests — including Justin Bieber — and about her charity work with pregnant women in need and a