Going for daring and memorable this Halloween? Want to push the envelope, make a statement or turn heads? Think pop culture: the newsmakers, the scandalous, the political, the bizarre. Then you’ve got our list of homemade Halloween costume ideas 2011.

According to a handful of Halloween blogs and entertainment websites, the top celebrity costumes this year will include Lady Gaga, Snooki from "Jersey Shore," the Obamas, the royal couple Kate and William, Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins. A few were among last year’s top picks as well.

Some of the costumes are simple fixes — it's all in the choice of duds — and others involve more complicated 'dos and accessories.

Take Lady Gaga and Snooki, for starters. Lady Gaga has been called the nation’s top style icon. Her unpredictable, off-the-wall style can run from mohawks and multi-colored wigs and hats to chunky kicks and even raw beef.

There are 25 entries for Lady Gaga’s outrageous get-ups among the celebrity ideas on www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com. The only celebrity on the list who seemed to garner more submissions was Gene Simmons of KISS.

Among the Gaga designs are two duplicating the infamous meat dress. They involve gluing layers of red material — foam or felt — to a dress, shoes and a hat, and donning a blonde wig highlighted with blue marker.

See you at the shore

If the over-the-top diva doesn’t inspire you, consider a New Jersey reality star.

To create Snooki’s look, you’ll want to wear a tight minidress, preferably in cheetah or leopard print, a long black wig and tacky platforms. Apply way too much makeup, glue rhinestones to your sunglasses, and apply a fake bronzer.

And, don’t forget to carry a Coach or Gucci bag, a jar of pickles and be sure to use a thick Jersey accent.

The royals

On the opposite side of the style spectrum, you may be more comfortable following the high-society fashion trends of the royal wedding. Princess Beatrice’s fascinator hat (pictured left) — a Lady Gaga crossover — or any other formal headdress will do, along with classy matching dress and shoes.

Talk about ingenuity. One creative do-it-yourselfer, sharing with the Craftster online community, showed off her royal wedding hat designs made from household goods such as coffee filters, watercolors, canvas, jersey fabric, colorful round placemats and feathers attached with glue to wire headbands, www.craftster.org.

Of course if you want to be the royal couple themselves, you can find those costumes at www.hiphalloweenideas.com. Prince William’s military uniform can be accomplished with a red blazer from a thrift store decorated with military pins and patches. Black dress pants, shiny black shoes and a curtain tie for a fringed belt. A wide blue ribbon or fabric can serve as the sash, the website reports.

Any long white dress will do for Kate, along with a veil and a bouquet. Wear your hair in an updo to reveal small pearl earrings.

The presidential look

On American soil, another classy high-profile couple to emulate might be the president and first lady. For Michelle Obama, try a jewel-toned sleeveless shift dress to show off your guns. Consider floral prints or graphic patterns and a cinched waistband, says www.singlemindedwomen.com, an online web community. Grab a fitted cardigan for the fall chill.

Finish the look with a statement bib necklace, stilettos and a sleek bobbed wig, suggests the shopping blog, www.outblush.com.

Barack Obama is considered one of the best-dressed men in the world. He is most often seen in dark suits with crisp, white long-sleeve Oxford shirts and a dark, silky tie. But he also sports polo shirts or button-down shirts and khakis. Simple solid colors are in order, www.wardrobeadvice.com reports in its guide to Barack Obama fashion. Either of the Obamas can also don a campaign pin.

Republicans can get in on the fun also. In fact, one of the best group Halloween costumes this year might be the GOP presidential candidates.

Like’ Facebook?

If you’d rather team up with a buddy rather than a spouse or date, the controversial Winklevoss twins might be more up your alley. The notorious plaintiffs depicted in the hit movie, “The Social Network,” are now appearing in a pistachios ad. They are dressed in their trademark matching suits and ties, these lime green.

Chances are you won’t look alike, so make a straight-on life-size photo of your head and have your buddy tie it around his with a string, according to an Indiwire.com blog about movie-inspired Halloween costumes.

For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, go for a more casual look. A black zip-up fleece hoodie, charcoal grey T-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers are suggested. A short curly haircut is best.

Whether glam-chic, raunchy, down-to-earth, wild or refined, any of the celebrity homemade Halloween costume ideas 2011 are sure to be a hit.

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Homemade Halloween costumes 2011
Going for daring and memorable this Halloween? Want to push the envelope, make a statement or turn heads? Think pop culture: the newsmakers, the scandalous, the