Not only does Wendie Malick drive a Prius and have solar panels on her house, which was built with sustainable materials, she "ordered refillable drinking cups from Brita for everyone on the set. I'm calling them HICcups, for 'Hot in Cleveland.'" Returning to TV Land with the first of ten episodes that will begin airing Jan.19 (another ten will roll out in June), "Hot in Cleveland's" plot picks up where it last left off, with landlady Elka (Betty White) in jail with a surprise cellmate, and Joy (Jane Leeves) threatened with deportation due to an expired green card.

Some very familiar faces will turn up as guest stars, including Valerie Bertinelli's "One Day at a Time" mom Bonnie Franklin, Melanie Griffith, Sherri Shepherd, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Lovitz and Betty White's old co-star Mary Tyler Moore. "We haven't worked together in 33 years, so it was great fun," says White, who just turned 89. Susan Lucci will guest as herself, the archrival of Malick's ex-soap star character in February crossover episodes with "All My Children," though White's favorite new character is Charlie, the Burmese mountain dog mix Elka rescues from the pound.

White will star with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame romantic drama "The Lost Valentine" on Jan. 30 and is working on a new book, "If You Ask Me." "You've had such an overdose of me lately. I think I'm going to go away for a while," she says, but she doesn't really mean it. "It's hard for me to say no to a job," she admits, "because you spend your career thinking if you say no they'll never ask you again and if you don't take the job that may be the end of it. I'm trying to cut down, but when you love what you do so much, and you get such fun things to do, it's a privilege."

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