Fans of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel won’t be the only ones at “The Hunger Games” movie this weekend — hundreds of young volunteers from the Harry Potter Alliance and Oxfam will also be there, asking for your help in fighting real-world hunger.

The “Hunger is Not a Game” campaign is working to garner support for Oxfam, a relief organization whose GROW campaign aims to fight hunger worldwide, and it’s sponsored by the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), a group that “fights Dark Arts in the real world,” according to its website.

“If we can channel even a fraction of the excitement and enthusiasm about the launch of 'The Hunger Games' toward support for practical and concrete steps to tackle hunger, great things are possible,” Vicky Rateau, campaign manager for Oxfam’s GROW campaign, told Western Farm Press.

HPA supporters will kick off the campaign this weekend by collecting food for local food banks at theaters and by gathering moviegoers’ signatures for the GROW campaign’s petition to reform aid in the U.S. Farm Bill.

“Our members know that change isn’t easy and it requires helping others to understand what’s at the root of the problem. The GROW petition does just that,” Andrew Slack, HPA executive director, told Western Farm Press.

The petition outlines the similarities between the movie's fictional world of Panem, where people struggle to find food in an unbalanced system, and our world, where people are starving despite the abundance of food.

“Though there are a multitude of resources throughout the Districts, the Capitol uses its power to enforce artificial scarcity … Our system is broken too. There is enough food in the world to go around. There are enough farms, enough resources, to ensure that no one goes hungry. That’s why Oxfam America has dedicated its GROW campaign to reforming these injustices,” the petition reads.

Using the hashtag #notagame, the HPA and Oxfam will also rally supporters through a social media campaign, which will help raise awareness and provide another way to gather pledges of support.

“This isn’t your grandmother’s hunger campaign, we won’t be asking for your money,” said Rateau. “Every action we mobilize both on and offline will help us convince our leaders that reforming food aid is important to people across this country. If we are going to meet the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050 without breaking the planet, we’ll need a movement of engaged activists.”

Want to help the HPA and Oxfam fight world hunger? Sign the petition or download the "Hunger is Not a Game" pledge and take it to the theater with you this weekend.

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'Hunger Games,' Harry Potter fans fight to end world hunger
Oxfam partners with the Harry Potter Alliance to raise awareness about the global food crisis and fight for change through the 'Hunger is Not a Game' campaign.