In addition to reducing, reusing and recycling and building a new home that will be powered via solar panels on the roof, Mary McCormack and her husband both bought electric cars, a Prius for her and a Tesla for him. "In Plain Sight," in which she and Frederick Weller (a diesel car driver) play witness protection program marshals based in Albuquerque, begins its fifth and final season on USA on March 16.

The series picks up where it last left off, with McCormack's Mary Shannon back at work after a shooting incident that prompted her going into labor and delivering a baby girl that she decided not to put up for adoption but raise as a single mother. "We're lucky to know ahead of time that it's the final eight so we can write with that in mind. I don't know that everything will be tidy but there will be resolution," promises McCormack, who says she'll miss the cast, crew and characters. "It's a procedural, but it's not about that. It's about relationships," she emphasizes.

As for what's next, "I try not to plan too much," says McCormack. "We've both been lucky enough to do plays and features and TV, and if I had my way, I'd keep doing all three." She'll play a casting director in "Should've Been Romeo," written by and starring "In Plain Sight" co-star Paul Ben-Victor. Weller will appear in "The Normals," a comedy with Brian Greenberg and Dan Hedaya.

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'In Plain Sight' stars choose eco-friendly cars
Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller ('In Plain Sight') drive green vehicles.