Sources: Facebook, YouTube, Democratic Underground / Research: Russell McLendon/MNN

Check out the following YouTube videos for a sampling of some of our favorite encounters between Mother Nature and the media:

• In the two clips below, Fox News' Geraldo Rivera and the Weather Channel's Jim Morrow learn firsthand how powerful Hurricane Ike was in 2008.

• In these next two clips, Hurricane Dolly unleashes her fury on the Weather Channel's Julie Martin, while meteorologist Chad Myers unleashes his fury on CNN anchor Carol Costello.

• And in this final clip, Hurricane Isabel forces the Weather Channel's Mike Seidel to rethink his statement that "we're kind of protected here," quickly ending a huddle with NBC's Brian Williams. It was much shorter than another of Seidel's on-air safety hugs, an intimate, 61-second embrace with meteorologist Al Roker (embedding disabled by YouTube; click here to watch).

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Infographic: The Media vs. Mother Nature
It is hurricane season, so it is time for hurricane reporters to start packing their bags to cover some of Mother Nature's most dangerous events. Check out funn