If the crystal ball wielded by online-opinion sharing community SodaHead.com is showing a clear picture, Barack Obama's re-election, the Packers' repeat Super Bowl win and the reunion tour by heavy metal music icons Black Sabbath will be the events making the biggest headlines of 2012.

At least that's according to nearly 4,000 voters who participated in an opt-in poll on the SodaHead website.

This unscientific poll predicts that President Barack Obama will be in Washington for another four years, and he will reclaim the White House by beating Ron Paul. Obama received 38 percent of the male vote and 41 percent of the female vote in the SodaHead survey, while the leading Republican candidate was Paul, a congressman from Texas, who received 27 percent of the male vote and 26 percent of the female vote.

Even without a confirmation that the Apple iPhone 5 will be released in the upcoming year, the device remains right at the top of consumer's minds as the most anticipated device for 2012. Two tablets were the next most anticipated products on the list: the upcoming iPad 3 and Google tablet, respectively. Rounding out the top five most-anticipated electronics for 2012 were the Playstation Vita, Wii U and Amazon Kindle 2.

The SodaHead survey also found that people are excited about some movie sequels being released in 2012. The most anticipated movie of the year, "The Dark Knight Rises," is the final installation of the new Batman trilogy. The latest Batman movie beat out "The Hobbit," "Breaking Dawn Part 2" and "Men in Black III" in voters' interest. Also in entertainment, respondents were excited about a reunion tour being planned by rock icons Black Sabbath. Other potential reunion tours by Van Halen, the Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac were also eagerly awaited.

Additionally respondents believe the Green Bay Packers will take their second consecutive Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVI by beating the New England Patriots.

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