We all know Jimmy Fallon has held several jobs in his storied career -- Saturday Night Live anchor, Drew Barrymore’s love interest in Fever Pitch, and now the host of the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC each night (or early morning depending on your perspective). But who would’ve thought the 34-year-old Brooklyn native would also be vying for Mother Nature’s job?

When he took over the historic Studio 6B at 30 Rock -- home to The Tonight Show until 1972, Fallon made a few eco-minded requests. "I wrote up a three-page Word document and gave it to the set designer," Fallon laughs. "The craziest stuff I asked for -- believe it or not, I got.” Lucky for him, NBC has a steadfast environmentally friendly policy with all their new studios.

Recycled wood and metal make up most of the bleachers and the seats are all reclaimed from Radio City Music Hall. The carpet is made from recyclable materials, all in line with NBC’s Green is Universal theme. Even Jimmy’s desk (which used to be owned by one of his staff) isn’t new. “Everything is recycled,” Fallon says.

But that’s just the studio. In Jimmy’s first few weeks of shows he’s had on eco-celebs like Cameron Diaz and zoologist Jarod Miller (whose Animal Exploration show airs right here on MNN). Watch the clip below and see how Jimmy reacts to Jarod’s animal friends on the set.

On June 17, Jimmy will be going green once again as he invites MNN co-founder (and keyboardist for the Rolling Stones) Chuck Leavell to sit in with his house band, The Roots. Don’t forget to tune in. We hear a rumor that Jimmy might even mention MNN on the show.
Is Jimmy Fallon Mother Nature?
He may look like a late-night talk show host, but we swear he's a dead ringer for Mother Nature.