Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has a warning for anyone wanting to cuddle up to an ostrich.


"They would say, 'Don't make any noise around the ostriches. They'll tear out your eyes and rip out your heart.' So, I was naturally terrified," Gyllenhaal told PEOPLE magazine with a laugh at Sunday's London premiere of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. "They look like they're innocent, but they're really not."

Gyllenhaal's costar, Gemma Arterton, backed up his fears. "He was really scared," she told PEOPLE. "He ran away, and the look on his face – it's not acting. It's real."

So great is the danger from a pissed-off Ostrich, that there's even an online wiki on how to survive an encounter with one. The most effective method? Play dead.

"If, when assailed by the ostrich, the man stands erect, he is in great danger," wrote, of all people, former President Theodore Roosevelt in 1918. "But by the simple expedient of lying down, he escapes all danger."

Sage advice -- especially considering they can run at up to 45 mph and slice a person open with one kick. In other words, they've got "sequel" written all over them.

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