Ecollywood logo"We grow all our own food organically, we have solar, we recycle our water. We're very eco-friendly," says Jane Seymour, who also raises chickens and has a cat she rescued six years ago. "We found him on Hollywood Boulevard. He's feral — he lives outside and catches rats — but he's the most friendly cat ever, the most affectionate animal I've ever met. He's been on the cover of several cat magazines with me."


Seymour stars in the Hallmark Channel movie "Lake Effects," premiering May 6, in which she plays the newly widowed mother of two daughters (Scottie Thompson, Madeline Zima). "It's all about the choices we make in life as women in terms of ambition and career and what you perceive your parents' relationship to be," says Seymour, who loved the script and the idea that the movie was inspired by the real community in Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, where the film was shot. The community opened its arms to the production. "People gave us their homes to live in and their cars to drive, gave us food, everything was donated," says Seymour. Producers have since pledged to donate to the community's efforts to clean and restore the lake.


Seymour will next be seen in "Austenland," about a Jane Austen theme attraction in England, and "Elixir," an ABC Family musical in which she gets to sing and dance in her role as a choreographer who takes the titular potion as a pain remedy when she slips and falls, and suddenly turns into a 25-year-old version of herself, played by Chelsea Kane ("Dancing With the Stars"). Her children's book "This One and That One" is being turned into an animated series for which she'll provide several voices, as will her husband, James Keach, who is currently making a documentary about Glenn Campbell and his struggle with Alzheimer's disease.


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Jane Seymour: 'We're very eco-friendly'
Jane Seymour discusses green living, animals and Hallmark movie 'Lake Effects.' In the movie, which premieres May 6, she plays the newly widowed mother of two d