Jeff Bridges was chiding himself for drinking from a plastic water bottle and not bringing his own metal canteen. "I'm reprimanding myself now. I'm part of an organization called the Pollution Coalition," he said, adding that he asked Disney not to supply plastic water bottles on his recent publicity tour for "TRON: Legacy."

Between that film, "True Grit" — which earned him a SAG Award nomination and will likely garner last year's Oscar winner for "Crazy Heart" another nod — and the PBS American Masters documentary "Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides," premiering Jan. 12, Bridges has been promoting non-stop, something likely to continue as awards season is just beginning.

"It's wonderful to be acknowledged by the guys who do what you do, but I've never been motivated by the award thing," insisted Bridges, who has been nominated for an Oscar five times. Asked about his favorite roles, he named "Crazy Heart," "True Grit" (his favorite part of that was having his daughter, Jessie, as his on-set assistant), "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "The Fisher King," "Fearless," "Tucker," "Starman" and "The Big Lebowski." "Even if I wasn't in it, it would still be one of my favorite movies. It always hooks me," said Bridges, who has attended — and performed live with a band — before an audience of "Dudes" at the Lebowski Fest convention.

He's currently working on a new album with T Bone Burnett, and is thinking about making a sequel to his photography compilation "Pictures," possibly a digital version for the iPad or the Web, but has no films slated at the moment. "This year I'm concentrating on the album and No Kid Hungry, a campaign that Share Our Strength has come up with to end childhood hunger in this country by 2015. I'm the national spokesperson. We're working with mayors and governors, going state by state to find out how and why the billion dollars' worth of federal funds designated for food programs is not being used and how to remedy the problems," he said. "I want to get together a lot of young actors to get on board to help."

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