Her new Fox drama "The Chicago Code" brought Jennifer Beals back to her hometown, where she was stunned to discover that the city had no recycling program in place. "In every city that I've lived in, people recycle and this city doesn't. I've already talked to the governor about it. I recycle my own stuff," says Beals, a hybrid driver who sometimes bikes to work, "but I think it has to be legislated. We've got to wait till the mayor is elected."

Beals, who's been based in Vancouver since "The L Word," welcomed the chance to work in her native city on the gritty cop drama, in which she plays the new police superintendant dealing with local crime, corruption and a playing boss to a mostly male force that includes her former partner (Jason Clarke). "I grew up with brothers so I feel very comfortable around men," says the actress of being in the boys' club after the estrogen-centric "L Word." She was drawn to the character's dedication, sense of purpose and righteousness, and gained a new appreciation for police after going on research ride-alongs with Chicago cops. Admits the "Flashdance" alumna, "I wouldn't last on the street for 30 seconds."

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Jennifer Beals wants Chicago to recycle
The star of new show 'The Chicago Code,' Jennifer Beals is very eco-active.