On the set of her new Lifetime series "The Client List," premiering April 8, "We recycle and for script changes, we try to e-mail more than printing out, so not so much paper. And I do the same thing at home. I recycle and try not to print things out," says Jennifer Love Hewitt, also an executive producer on the series that's based on a highly rated movie that aired on the channel in 2010.


"We were joking around when we were making the movie, 'We should turn this into a series.' We had definitely talked about it," reveals Hewitt, noting that she began to consider it seriously in the wake of positive audience and critical response and the Golden Globe nomination she received. "I went back to my producing partners and I was like, 'Let's come up with a pitch and see what we can do.'"


While Cybill Shepherd is back as her mother for the series, the rest of the cast is new and character names have been changed as well as some plot points. Hewitt's character is a massage therapist and single mom of two whose husband left her so she goes to work at a spa that offers "extras" to select clients. "You'll be watching her go to work every day and get to know different clients and the people that come in and out of the spa, and storylines around her being a mom and how she handles the double life aspect. The stories will revolve around those two sides of her life," says Hewitt, for whom the role is a mixture of departure and familiar. "Being a feisty young lady from Texas comes naturally to me because that's who I am. I grew up in a household of feisty Texas women. Being so overtly sexy and provocative, that part is not something that I've put on display before. That part of it's been sort of fun and exciting. At 33, I'm a grown woman, and you find your femininity and your strength and your own sexuality in playing a part like this. It's been really fun."


She adds that the supportive, female-centric Lifetime milieu makes it comfortable to delve into racy subject matter. "Although we are being provocative and sort of pushing the envelope, we are also leaving a lot to the imagination. We do sort of walk right up to the line of inappropriate and then we cut out and I feel good about that. I feel like I'm doing it in a really safe place." Also, as executive producer, she's able to "watch after my character so closely and make sure that she's really saying and doing the right things by the audience and the story and by who she is."


Hewitt will direct the season finale episode, and she'll also make at least two more return appearances to "Hot in Cleveland" as the high-maintenance girlfriend of Joy's (Jane Leeves) son (Joe Jonas). "I love that show so much. It's such a fun character and I just have the best time," she says. She's also starting to write a sequel to her best selling book, "The Day I Shot Cupid."


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Jennifer Love Hewitt recycles, saves paper
Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in Lifetime show 'The Client List,' appears on 'Hot in Cleveland' and starts sequel to book.