There generally isn't very much we can find to relate with celebrities on, but the loss of a beloved pet is common ground for shared grief. Still, there's something morbidly amusing about Jessica Simpson turning to Twitter immediately after her her beloved pooch was stolen by a wild coyote. “A coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes," she wrote. "HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!”

What the hell good is Twitter going to do? 

While our hearts go out to Simpson during this difficult collison with Mother Nature, past events dictate that she's definitely aware of the food chain. Back in June of 2008, Simpson was photographed wearing a shirt that said "Real Girls Eat Meat"; which at the time, was an apparent dig against her then-boyfriend Dallas Quarterback Tony Romo's ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood -- who, if you're still following along, is a vegetarian.

Anyways, back to the coyote kidnapping. According to celebrity dog trainer Jennifer McCarthy, the chances are remote that the dog is anything but eaten by now. "Unfortunately, if she saw the coyote take Daisy, the chances of it surviving are very slim. She's probably not alive anymore," she told US Magazine. "We're so detached from nature as human beings. We have to understand, this is the circle of life and how it works."

A rough lesson -- but we hope Simpson respects her surroundings and keeps better watch next time. Real coyotes eat meat, too, you know.

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