"I carry my own bags and always bring a coffee cup and a water cup to all my jobs, even if I'm only working for one day," says Judy Greer, who labels both with her name to prevent losing and having to replace them. Greer has been working a lot recently, which is why she's visible in a recurring role as Bridget, Ashton Kutcher's character's ex, on "Two and a Half Men" (her next episode airs Dec. 5) and as Julie, who discovers her husband (Matthew Lillard) had an affair — with a woman now in a coma — in "The Descendants." It's an emotionally conflicted role that offers Greer a departure from the quirky, comedic characters she often plays.

"I like that she confused me, and that I didn't really understand why she was doing what she was doing," she says, referring to a hospital room scene with the comatose woman's husband (George Clooney). "I thought it would be fun to explore that. And I thought that it would be fun to explore that with Alexander Payne because if I was bad he would make me good," she says of the director, with whom she'd always wanted to work. She also welcomed the chance to act opposite Clooney. "He has some really poignant moments in this movie, playing a father, someone who's very flawed ... a 50-year-old man who gets to grow up."

The Oscar buzz surrounding the movie has included Greer, but she says she "has to shut down with that. That's a dream, of course. I would be totally lying if I said it doesn't really matter because that would be so cool," she acknowledges. "It's super flattering and it's super fun to be in a movie like this."

In addition to reprising her voiceover roles in upcoming seasons of "Archer" and "Glenn Martin DDS," Greer has more movies on tap, including two due out in March. "In 'Jeff Who Lives at Home,' I play Ed Helms' underappreciated wife. I'm the one who's thinking about stepping out on my husband because I feel like it's not really happening for me there. In 'Playing the Field' I play a somewhat weepy, neurotic recent divorcee soccer mom who's trying to hit it hard with Gerard Butler," she says, smiling at the memory. "That was fun!"

Photo: Merie Wallace/Fox Searchlight

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