"If something comes with a peel I don't buy it organic because it's way too expensive," says Katee Sackhoff, who grew up in a vegetable-loving family and has tried to grown her own. "My tomatoes got infested with some weird disease this last year. I was really upset." A Harley-Davidson owner, she thinks hybrid drivers drive too slowly but has nevertheless decided to get one, possibly a Highlander or a Lexus.


Best known for her role as Starbuck in "Battlestar Galactica," she's traded her flight suit for jeans and a badge in the contemporary crime drama "Longmire," premiering on A&E June 3. She plays a Philadelphia cop newly transplanted to Wyoming, "a character more like me than any I've played. She's funny, she's witty, she's kind of sarcastic, whines a bit. She does have a badass side to her but I don't think it comes easy for her. She's trying to keep up with the boys and prove that she can do it," says Sackhoff, admitting she could never be a cop in real life. "I'm way too wimpy," she confesses, noting that she had trouble coping with the cold on location in New Mexico. "It was freezing. My little butt was shaking the entire time. I lost so much weight because I was just constantly shaking," she recalls.


Sackhoff had vowed not to do another series, but changed her mind when she read the script and met with producers. She quickly bonded with Australian actor Robert Taylor, who plays the titular sheriff; Lou Diamond Phillips; Bailey Chase; and the rest of the cast and crew. "We really like each other. We've been hanging out all the time. We love each other, and besides good writing and a network behind you, I think that keeps a show on the air."


The Oregon native has several movies awaiting release including "Haunting in Georgia," "Lockdown," a school shooting drama (she plays an expert on the subject), and a new "Chronicles of Riddick" sequel, in which she plays a bounty hunter, "by far the toughest character I will ever play." She doesn't mind being typecast as an action babe. "After every job I'm like, 'I'm gonna do a romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds,' but it never happens. But I don't care. Typecast me! It really doesn't bother me because I've been given the opportunity to not be typecast in smaller roles in films that I've been doing, so I'm OK with that. My goal in this business has just always been longevity."


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Katee Sackhoff on organic eating, hybrid driving
'Battlestar Gallactica' actress Katee Sackhoff stars in new A&E series 'Longmire.'