Are you sick of seeing "your" when it should be "you’re"? Does seeing "their" when it should be "there" set your teeth on edge? Is the rampant misuse of apostrophes driving you nuts?

If so, help is here.

TV’s Dr. Frasier Crane has joined the Twitterverse to clean up the messy grammar that plagues a plethora of 140-character missives. Or as it says on his Twitter tagline: "Actor, comedian, director and more. Solving Twitter's grammar problem, one 'helpful' tweet at a time. #KelseyGrammerGrammar"

Grammer launched his grammar hammer on June 30 with the following tweet:

To which Captain Kirk replied:

And true to his word, the actor has been correcting wonky spelling and erroneous conjunctions like there's no tomorrow.

But perhaps best of all — to the glee of word nerds everywhere — Grammer even went so far as to make a joke about the grammarian-beloved Oxford comma with Martin Lawrence:

We're pretty sure he won't be able to monitor the language mistakes of the entire Twittersphere — that would require an army of grammar police, and then some — but for now it's enough to see the actor staying true to his (some might say misspelled) namesake, one apostrophe at a time.

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