Photographer Herrick Poelman has an incredible eye for capturing the simplicity of a landscape. His photos are made all the more stark and dramatic by capturing them in black and white. Rather than being overwhelmed by the vivid colors of a sunset, we are captivated by shapes and composition. Here are 10 of our favorites from his portfolio. Take a few minutes — and a deep breath — and enjoy.

Herrick Poelman dock

Herrick Poelman winter scene

Herrick Poelman goal on sand

Herrick Poelman tree in mist

Herrick Poelman sailboats

Herrick Poelman lake

Herrick Poelman beach pilings

Herrick Poelman water's edge

Herrick Poelman rural town

Herrick Poelman tire tracks

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Landscapes in black and white: Simplicity rules
Take a moment to reflect on these 10 captivating images from Herrick Poelman.