UK pop sensation Leona Lewis is one of those rare celebrities who actually walks the walk when it comes to promoting a more animal-friendly world.

The three-time Grammy Award nominee has long criticized the use of fur in the fashion industry and is also an ardent animal rights supporter. In 2008, PETA named her the "World's Sexiest Vegetarian".

To back it up, Lewis, 25, has reportedly spent more than $260,000 on ethical fashion for her latest tour, which kicked off last week. The outfits were created by designer Antonio Berardi — who has previously dressed Kylie Minogue and Madonna.

All of the items she will wear during the 16-date trek will meet specific animal welfare standards, reports Britain's The Sun.

A source tells the publication, "Leona has been very forceful with Antonio. She has insisted the outfits are as ethically sound as they can possibly be. She's paid for all the clothes out of her own pocket, so she has been quite hands-on in terms of design."

In late April, Lewis expressed interest in launching a line of vegetarian clothing. I wouldn't be surprised if these tour outfits inspire a future collection.

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Leona Lewis goes on ethical fashion shopping spree
UK singer reportedly spent more than $250K on animal-friendly outfits for new tour.