Showtime's hit series "WEEDS", which follows the adventures of a suburban mom making ends meet by selling marijuana, is getting a visit from Linda Hamilton.

The "Terminator" star is set to make her debut on the new season as a lesbian, eco-minded pot grower. According to, her multi-episode arc will involve helping main character Nancy get her business rockin' in a new locale.

How exactly Showtime will address the "eco" side of this equation has yet to be revealed, but I'm thinking a sustainable farm of some kind dedicated to the organic production of the illegal plant is probably a sure bet. No doubt, the all-natural qualities of the bud will be hyped to help Nancy with her new business venture.

Either way, I'm excited to see Hamilton back on the small screen. No word yet on who will play her life partner, Fiona, but I'm thinking Woody Harrelson in drag would be a hilarious — and fitting — casting choice.

Season six debuts on Aug. 16.

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Linda Hamilton to play eco pot-grower on 'Weeds'
Actress is sure to add a bit of a 'buzz' to hit Showtime series.