Stuck in procrastination purgatory? Looking for something to take you away from all those Excel files and that ever-filling inbox? Relief is just a couple clicks away.

The Interwebs are filled with places that you can leave all that workday ordinariness behind and get lost in real, strange worlds. And many real strange ones, too. Here are 10 favorites.

1. Mesmerizing jellyfish

It's not slow-mo. It just looks that way. In the video at top, the animals — yep, they reside in the kingdom Animalia, in every ocean in the world — are decidedly, awesomely, hypnotically beautiful. A little sting-y sometimes, too.

2. Round and round

Talk about hypnotizing. Traffic circles — roundabouts, rotaries, whatever you call them — are slowly catching on in the U.S., though Americans are getting, um, circles run around them by other nations. This one in the Netherlands shows how smooth and un-square they can be.

3. Italian beauty

If you've never been to Italy ... well, go. If you can't — oh right, you're stuck at work — this is not a bad alternative. Venice's Grand Canal is a tourist favorite, retaining its Old World charm despite the crowds. Take a tour from this page. Your inbox isn't going anywhere.

4. Under the sea

If you tire of watching the jellyfish, the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco has a live cam of one of the deepest exhibits of live corals in the world. The Philippine coral and all the marine life swimming around are beautiful, if you can take the slightly "Mystery Science Theater 3000" feel to it all.

5. The Golden Dome

Miss the old days on campus when bosses didn't breathe down your neck and you could dress any way you dang well pleased? This view from the famed Golden Dome gives you a heavenly view of Notre Dame's campus in South Bend, Ind. And, as you can tell, it's really flat in Indiana.

6. Things could be worse

Remember, right now, you could be somewhere much, much worse. Like waiting around forever at the Department of Motor Vehicles. What prompted the bureaucrats of Delaware's DMV to mount several live cams is a mystery, but watch the losers. Be glad you're not one of them.

7. Be a Beatle

The people in this cam, active night and day, aren't losers. But they are often taking their lives in their hands, all to recreate an iconic Beatles LP cover. Stick around long enough, you might see someone take off their shoes. You'll definitely hear a cabbie getting cross about this crosswalk.

8. The little tram that could

It seems a bit odd, and maybe it is, but this live cam mounted on the back of a tram in Prague is must-watch stuff. The tram, used for lubricating tracks (reducing the noise and preventing wear on train wheels), runs practically non-stop, night and day, providing a 24-hour diary of the city.

9. Water, water everywhere

What is it about waterfalls that pull us in? This live shot, aimed at Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, is stunning. Just as good is the accompanying audio, which provides white noise to end all white noise.

10. Whale watching

Beluga whales — white whales — can grow up to 3,500 pounds. This live underwater cam from the Vancouver Aquarium shows them sliding through a habitat with porpoises.

10 live web cams that will mesmerize you
Looking for something to take you away from all that ever-filling inbox? Relief is just a couple clicks away with these hypnotic webcam feeds.