For Luke Perry, reduce, reuse, recycle isn't just an eco-slogan, it's a way of life. "I try to go without things. I don't buy things. I turn things into other things. I'm Mr. Cheap," he declares. "I eliminated the incandescent bulbs. I'm a recycling fool. I have not bought new clothes in a decade," he says, noting that the suit he's wearing is a Giorgio Armani freebie from 1992. "When my daughter was younger we went to the 99 Cents Store, where I could make her a queen for ten bucks," he relates, adding that he still takes his kids there to show them the value of money—and charity. "Whenever they make or get some money, I take them to the 99 Cents Store to buy food and we take it to a food bank." Perry also wants a specific kind of energy-saving vehicle. "I need a hybrid or electric minivan," he says.

Filming the Hallmark Movie Channel western "Goodnight for Justice" in British Columbia, where "they're very aware, we had a very green set. Canteens are the way to go," Perry reports. In the movie, premiering Jan. 29, he plays circuit judge John Goodnight, dispenser of Wild West justice and seeking some of his own for the long-ago murder of his parents. It's based on his story idea and directed by his former "Beverly Hills: 90210" co-star Jason Priestley, and marks their first time working together in ten years.

"The challenge was finding material that wouldn't have retracing steps that we had already done. Putting us in any sort of kind of contemporary setting, it's real easy to immediately jump to that. This is a period piece, a different genre. It's harder to connect those dots," Perry explains. As a fan of westerns like "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," "The Outlaw Josey Wales" and "The Longriders," he'd love to have a part in bringing the genre back to TV in a series of Goodnight movies. "I've got some stories in mind, and I've spoken with the folks at the channel about doing a couple other ones," he says. "Other people need hanging."

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