Filming in Canada keeps production green, observes Luke Perry, who shoots his "Goodnight For Justice" movie series for Hallmark Movie Channel in British Columbia. "In general, Canadians are a lot more conscious of it and have a good infrastructure for it," he says. "Vancouver mandates it, so it makes it a lot easier." Perry returned to Vancouver to play Circuit Court judge John Goodnight in the sequel to the channel's highest rated program ever, which will premiere Jan. 28. "Goodnight for Justice: The Measure of a Man" involves a bank robbery and a young man on trial for murder, who happens to be the son of Goodnight's old flame, now a widow.

"We filmed outside of Vancouver and also went to Merritt, British Columbia for more of a Big Sky look for the really big open shots," notes Perry, who returned there for a third installment that he describes as even more action-driven. Goodnight's job as a traveling judge "is a great engine for the stories we tell," points out Perry, who looks forward to continuing to portray the character. "I'm not interested in playing contemporary stuff. It's much more fun to have your hands on a six-shooter than a cell phone," he says, ruminating on the renewed popularity of TV westerns. "Hollywood has always had a love affair with the western because it is the great American art form. You can tell any sort of story within the template of the western. It's tough right now in the world; we're having a bad time so Americans become nostalgic for the good old days when cowboys were our heroes. If I can make a true western in the classic sense of the word with a lot of integrity, that's what I will continue to do."

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Luke Perry makes green westerns
He reprises his Old West role in 'Goodnight For Justice' sequel.