"We're really great at 'Mad Men' — we recycle and don't have any water bottles. We do our part there," says Elisabeth Moss, who is similarly eco-conscious at home. "For me, it's all the little things that you can do, turning off the lights and unplugging your charger. That has become more habitual for me and I think that if everyone did it, it would be great."


Moss returns to her role as advertising copywriter Peggy Olson in the long awaited fifth season of the Emmy-winning AMC drama series, which has its two-hour premiere March 25. "I've had more fun playing her this season than in any other year. I'm very proud of her and who she's becoming," says Moss of the character, who has worked her way up from secretary to Don Draper (Jon Hamm). "The fact that she's gotten to do that is something I never could have anticipated. She's becoming a more confident person. And she's developed a really good sense of humor about life, and that's been really fun to play."


As the show progresses into the latter half of the 1960s, Moss relishes portraying what it was like in the workplace and in society at the time, particularly for women. "I like being able to tell that story in a realistic and true way. [Peggy] is not a bra burner. She's not out smoking pot at parties with And Warhol. She's just a regular girl, yet I think she's a true feminist."


Peggy's relationship with her boss Draper "is probably my favorite part," she continues. "It's based on mutual respect. On a lot of shows they probably would have slept together around season two, but we don't do that and it's more interesting that way," believes Moss, who enjoyed being directed by Hamm in episode three. "He knows us all so well and knows exactly what to say and what to do."


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'Mad' for recycling
'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss is green on set and off.