January Jones wants you to know that you should be scared for sharks – not of them.

The star of Emmy-award winning TV series Mad Men has joined up with Oceana, the largest international organization focused 100 percent on ocean conservation, to call attention to the plight of sharks across the world.

Jones took a trip to the Bahamas with Oceana to get up close and personal with adult and juvenile reef sharks, and film a few public service announcements to help the organization in its shark conservation efforts.

January Jones is Scared for Sharks from Oceana on Vimeo.

Many people don’t realize that tens of millions of sharks are killed by commercial fishing each year. Some shark populations are depleted by more than 90 percent.  They’re intentionally harvested for their fins, meat or liver oil and are also caught as bycatch in fisheries targeting other species.

The loss of sharks would have devastating and unpredictable consequences for ocean ecosystems. Learn more about how you can help at Oceana.org.

Mad Men star January Jones is scared for sharks
Actress joins Oceana in a campaign to protect sharks from commercial fishing.