About to deliver her first child, Sara Rue has been stocking the baby's nursery with organic bedding and green products. "We tried to get as much organic stuff as we could — mattresses, cleaners. We're learning about it. I wish there was someone who could come to our house and just tell us," says Rue, who's keeping the sex and the name choices secret. "We have a couple of names that we like. We're going to take a look at the baby, and whatever the baby looks like we'll go with that."

Since the writers on her ABC Friday sitcom, "Malibu Country," made her character Kim pregnant as well, "Both of us will give birth this season," says Rue. She's been working one day a week, and finds "it's been really good for me. If I wasn't working I would be obsessing over every little thing so it's good for me to be busy." Plus, she's relishing playing Kim "because anything goes with her. I get to be as over the top as I want to be. It's really kind of a gift."

She raves about her cast mates, calling "Malibu Country" the "nicest set I've ever been on, and I've been on some nice sets. Everyone is really kind to one another. They've all offered to babysit and I plan on taking everyone up on it!"

Rue and her husband, Kevin Price, are thrilled about the impending birth. "It's something we've wanted for a while," she says. Thinking about what kind of mother she'll be, she explains that she was raised with a lot of latitude by parents that didn't impose a lot of rules, "and I feel like it was good for me because I created my own rules, I wasn't confined. I feel like that's a good way to go. I think that I will be definitely stricter than my husband but I think that we're both pretty laid back people."

As for any Hollywood-imposed pressure to lose weight post-delivery, that's not a priority for Rue. "I'm not going to worry about it," she says. "I'm going to worry about raising a happy, healthy baby."

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'Malibu Country' Sara Rue greens her baby's nursery
Sara Rue becomes a mom on and off the set of 'Malibu Country'.