"We just bought our house and we're about to put in solar panels. We have a hybrid car. We are in an area where we can walk a lot so we walk down to the grocery store, which is great because you get exercise and you don't have to drive a car. And we recycle and all that stuff," says Malin Akerman, now on screen in "Happythankyoumoreplease" and in "Elektra Luxx," opening March 11. She's also working with the LeConte Middle School in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles. "We plant gardens and teach the kids about nutrition and planting and the environment and taking care of the earth."

In "Happythankyoumoreplease," directed by Josh Radnor, who also stars, Akerman plays his friend Annie, a woman who has alopecia, a condition that has rendered her hairless, so she wore a bald cap and shaved her eyebrows for the role. "Seeing myself like that was the most true to how I see myself in real life on a daily basis. It's like you're stripped naked and it's just you. It was really cool," says Akerman, who adores the character.

"She really wears her heart on her sleeve and is probably a little overly sensitive because she's been a woman who's grown up bald, which presents obstacles when you're searching for love," yet "she's an outgoing, lovable person,” notes Akerman, who was originally offered a different role but declined because she had her heart set on Annie, originally cast with someone else. But when that actress dropped out, she jumped at the chance to play the role, coming home from France to meet with Radnor. "You just have to believe that it's your journey and everything happens for a reason" she says. "I'm so happy this was my journey."

Akerman has several other films awaiting release. She has the lead in "Catch .44" opposite Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker. "It's a dark movie. I play a woman who is a drug runner. She's a bit more of a tough girl, athough in the moment of truth she's just as vulnerable as anyone is." She shot "Bang Bang Club," which is based on a true story, in South Africa. "It's about these four war photographers who risked their lives every day during the end of apartheid and what happened to those crazy pictures that you've seen." She's also in the comedy "Wanderlust" with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, and will play porn star Linda Lovelace in a bioflick, replacing the originally announced Lindsay Lohan. "It's not the remake of 'Deep Throat,'" she emphasizes. "It's very much about her relationship with her husband, who beat the crap out of her. It's about behind the scenes and how she became Linda Lovelace. She had a really tortured life. It's a tremendous story."

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Malin Akerman greens her home and her neighborhood school
Akerman stars in big upcoming films — including playing Linda Lovelace — and shines in her community, too, as an active, eco-friendly resident.