There's something for everyone to watch in the month of March.


As the show's title says, "You Can't Lick Your Elbow," but you can do amazing things with the human body, as this show about all things physiological illustrates. Premiering March 2 with two back-to-back episodes, the series, hosted by "The NFL Today's" Tony Gonzalez, offers clever ways to improve your body in an effort to maximize strength, endurance, dexterity and performance.

"Life Flight: Trauma Center Houston" takes viewers inside Memorial Hermann Texas Medical, the busiest Level 1 Trauma Center in the U.S., and the helicopter team that services it. The series premieres March 2 on Lifetime.

The statistics tell the sobering truth: half of all men, one in three women and one in 300 children will get cancer. That's why "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" is so timely. Based on Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee's book, the six-hour miniseries from documentarians Ken Burns and Barak Goodman explore the disease from scientific, historical and societal angles with an eye on advancements in treatments and research for a cure. PBS will broadcast it on consecutive nights beginning March 30.

Three decades ago, surgeons first dared to operate on unborn babies in utero to correct birth defects. Such surgeries are more common today but still very risky. The PBS series "Twice Born: Stories From the Special Delivery Unit" goes inside the neonatal unit at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as doctors tackle tricky cases, including a fetus with a mouth tumor and another with spina bifida in the March 31 premiere.

For animal and nature lovers

In the Nat Geo Wild special "Secret Life of Elephants," cameras and researchers follow a newborn calf and her pachyderm clan in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve. Three episodes premiere on March 1.

Dolphins: Spy in the PodAnimals do give birth in nature, but should people? Couples' controversial (and potentially dangerous) decision to forego hospital and even home birth to have their babies in the great outdoors plays out in "Born in the Wild," a Lifetime series premiering March 3.

Which predator would win in a fight: lion or hyena? Find out as Smithsonian Channel probes the psyches of the species using a series of experiments in "Killer IQ: Lion vs. Hyena." Hosted by "lion whisperer" Kevin Richardson, the two-part special airs March 4 and 11.

Go inside the undersea world of dolphins when cameras disguised as sea creatures (above) capture their lives in their natural habitat in Discovery's "Dolphins: Spy in the Pod," premiering March 7.

A raccoon peeks out from a house's roof in

A raccoon peeks out from a house's roof in "Raccoon: Backyard Bandit." (Photo: Jon Betz/National Geographic Television)

Bushy-tailed creatures rule Nat Geo Wild on March 8 when "The Secret Life of Mr. Fox," "Raccoon: Backyard Bandit" and "Super Squirrel" air back to back to back over three hours, analyzing the lives and behaviors of each critter.

"Survivor" filmed its tenth season in Palau a decade ago, and it's easy to see why: the island archipelago is a relatively untouched Eden with beautiful coral reefs teeming with sea life. It's the subject of Nat Geo Wild's "Palau: Pacific Paradise," premiering March 15.

The latest entry in Nat Geo Wild's stable of veterinarian shows is "Aloha Vet," which follows Dr. Scott Sims as he island hops in his private plane to treat Hawaii's domestic and wild creatures. It premieres March 21.

Nat Geo Wild gets the buzz on "Bumblebees" for a nature special that explores the insects' biology and behavior. It premieres March 22.

Gardens are more than fragrant, colorful collections of flowers. They're home to all sorts of creatures, many of which live unnoticed by human eyes. Nat Geo Wild explores this fascinating ecosystem through the seasons in the special "Secret Garden," premiering March 22. In the clip above, "Secret Garden" investigates what creatures arrive in gardens at night.

When it comes to pets, some people think bigger is better. You won't find any teacup poodles or miniature horses, but you will meet a ginormous dog and a behemoth of a bunny in the Animal Planet special "World's Biggest Pets," premiering March 28.

Only the most intrepid mountaineers get to travel to the Himalayas in person, but Nat Geo Wild takes viewers on a trip to this high-altitude world, showcasing the people and creatures who live there in "The Himalayas," premiering March 29. It's followed by "Battlefield Patagonia," which focuses on the similarly remote South American region and its wildlife.

For virtual travelers

Two New Yorkers head for the Peruvian jungle in pursuit of their dream to open a world-class resort, and their trials are chronicled in the six-part series "Hotel Amazon," premiering March 9 on Travel Channel

The art, food and culture scenes of three very different American cities are spotlighted in Ovation's "American Canvas." Hosted by Dave Holmes, it kicks off March 11 with a visit to San Francisco, followed on subsequent Wednesdays by trips to Austin and Miami.

Food brings people together, but can it diffuse tensions in a conflict zone like Belfast, Northern Ireland, Cyprus or the West Bank? Chef Michael Voltaggio and journalist Mariana van Zeller attempt to find out when they gather people from opposing sides over a meal to discuss issues that divide them in the Travel Channel series "Breaking Borders," premiering March 15. In the clip above, Voltaggio and van Zeller investigate Jerusalem's hummus conflict.

It took nine months to do it, but British explorer Levison Wood succeeded in walking the length of the Nile River from source to sea, documenting his journey on film while he battled the elements and dangers along the way. The resulting documentary, "Walking the Nile," will premiere March 18 on Animal Planet.

For those who can't get enough of prospectors who mine the frozen wasteland for riches, there are two shows to recommend: The gold miners of "Bering Sea Gold" return to Discovery for a fourth season on March 13, and "Ice Cold Gold," which follows American miners hunting for gold gems in Greenland, premieres March 5 on Animal Planet.

For the science and survival buffs

Humans have long wondered whether there's life elsewhere in the universe, and Science Channel devotes five days to the question in "Are We Alone? week." Each night between March 2 and March 6, the channel will present premiere programs exploring the topic and separating fact from fiction, including updated episodes of "NASA's Unexplained Files," "Close Encounters" and "UFO Conspiracies."

Could you survive a grizzly bear attack, a plane crash or a bridge collapse? People who faced death and lived to tell the tale share their stories, dramatized in ABC's "Moment of Truth," launching with a two-hour premiere March 6 before moving to its Saturday slot on March 7.

For history buffs

The historical docudramas "Killing Lincoln" and "Killing Kennedy" were big hits for National Geographic, so dramatizing the most famous killing of all time was a no-brainer. "Killing Jesus," based on the Bill O'Reilly best seller and featuring Kelsey Grammer as King Herod and Stephen Moyer as Pontius Pilate, will premiere on March 29.

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