As the mother of four-and-a-half-year-old twins who love to play with her makeup, Marcia Cross uses toxin-free cosmetics in addition to buying eco-friendly cleaning products for her home. "All my lip gloss is organic," says Cross. "I don't want them to play with it or put it on if it's not safe."

Cross returns for her eighth and final season as Bree Hodge in "Desperate Housewives" on Sept. 25 in an episode that deals with the aftermath of a shocking murder that occurred in the May cliffhanger. The friends conspire to cover up the crime and keep it secret (especially from Bree's detective boyfriend), but will face the consequences that will have ongoing ramifications. Cross isn't yet ready to think about the last episode, but she's glad that unlike most shows that are canceled without notice, "Housewives" will get a proper sendoff. "It's brilliant that they're doing it this way. They're going to take a year and give it its due," she says, hoping that some familiar old flames will return. "Bree's had a lot of exes on the show. I want to see all my fellas before it ends. I want them all back." She plans to take some souvenirs home, "a couple of pictures — the things I want are very inexpensive, just sentimental."

She's not sure what her next career step will be. "I think there's an ebb and a flow. I'll ebb for a little bit and then we'll see. I don't think that far ahead. I'd love to do things that I can disappear into again, be more chameleon-like. We'll see," she says, First, however, she wants to catch up with people she has neglected due to her busy schedule. While she did manage to get away to Ireland on an anniversary vacation with her husband over her break, "the thing I miss is my friends," she confides. "I didn't sacrifice my kids, but I did sacrifice my friendships," says Cross, who otherwise is very satisfied with her lot as a real-life housewife and mom. "I'm crazy about them," she says of her daughters, "I'm exhausted, challenged, but happy."

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