Can Ridley Scott's "The Martian" deliver on all of the thrills, suspense nd humor found in the original novel by Andy Weir? While a first trailer earlier this month did much to allay the fears of fans, a new interview with Matt Damon gives even more reason to start counting down the days until October.

Damon, who plays an astronaut forced to survive on Mars after being left for dead, says the epic scale of this film is unlike anything he's ever worked on before.

"That’s the biggest stage in the world right there. And the biggest green screen in the world," the actor told IGN while on set last December. "This is a night scene so they had to cover it up, but I walked in a few days ago and just went ‘F**k.’ I couldn’t believe the scale… "

The Martian Matt DamonMatt Damon told website IGN that the scale of the film was unlike any he'd ever worked on before. (Photo: 'The Martian'/20th Century Fox)

According to Damon, "Martian" screenwriter Drew Goddard was fully on-board from the beginning in adapting the science of the book to work in the movie.

"He described it as a love letter to science," he said. "That’s how he saw this. Kind of this celebration of science and human ingenuity. And that’s what moves us forward – people like that who are willing to take those risks and potentially sacrifice themselves but are really actually interested in the unknown."

The Martian Matt DamonDamon can related to his character's sense of humor, but he draws the line at his desire to explore other worlds. (Photo: The Martian/20th Century Fox)

While Damon was quick to align his character's sense of humor with his own, he stopped short of having any interest in exploring other worlds.

"I have no interest in the unknown," he shared. "I said yesterday that I wouldn’t have been a pioneer or anything – I would have stayed on the East Coast. ‘F**k off – you go. Tell me what it’s like. I have a warm fire here!’"

The full interview is available here. "The Martian" is slated for release on Oct. 2.

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Matt Damon calls 'The Martian' a celebration of science
Actor, who plays an astronaut stranded on the red planet, says the film is 'the biggest he's ever worked on.'