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We cover a wide array of topics here at MNN, so it's interesting to focus on the stories you liked the most. What piqued readers' interest in 2011? Well, science-proving rubber duckies and beauty solutions from the kitchen caught your eye, not to mention infographics and at least one photo that made you stop and simply stare. 


Here are the 10 most-viewed stories that appeared on


1. United States of the Environment: We took the best and worst formula and applied it to living green. Readers ate up the comparisons, from the state with the most caves to the state with the cleanest teeth. 


2. Invading spiders: Even old-timers in Pakistan were taken aback when they saw whole trees encased in spider webs. But as with most things in nature, there was an unexpected upside to this creepy phenomenon. 


3. The kitchen spa: These five foods satiate your skin's biggest needs — exfoliation and moisture — and nourish your skin from the inside-out.


4. Rubber duckies do more than float: A shipping container with 28,000 rubber duckies was lost at sea in 1992. Those bath toys are still washing up today — and teaching us about how our oceans work.


5. A mother like no other: She's never had puppies of her own, but this mom is famous for stepping in and filling orphans' biggest needs.  


6. What level of hippie are you? That's the question that spawned some serious navel-gazing (and clicking) this year.


7. The best photo of 2011: Well, you certainly thought so. A photographer caught the Iceland volcano erupting with the northern lights in the background. The result? Pretty awesome.


8. DIY is alive and well: You can make these eight hair care treatments at your house, saving money and still solving your beauty problem. More please.


9. Wind power cheaper than nuclear? How a Japanese invention called a wind lens could triple the output of a typical wind turbine — and be a game-changer in the energy industry.


10. Man-approved Spicy Oven Fries: This recipe took off like a rocket when it was published in October. It's a healthy take on the fries — and readers gobbled it up.


Thanks for bringing your curious minds to MNN. We hope you'll be back for more in 2012.


MNN's most popular stories of 2011
We cover a wide assortment of topics here at MNN, so it's interesting to look at the stories that you liked the most. What piqued readers' interest in 2011? Wel