Getting hitched is a breeze in Las Vegas. Known as the marriage capital of the world, the city boasts late-night wedding chapels, drive-thru ceremonies and now a wedding service that comes to you.


For $99 couples can say “I do” at the location of their choosing, including the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, a popular choice for Wedding Wagon users. Ceremonies last about 15 minutes, and the price includes a minister, a truck adorned in fake flowers and even wedding photos.


The idea for the mobile chapel came to founders Andy Gonzalez and James Cass when they heard about the Hangover Heaven, a bus that drives to Vegas hotels and treats users’ hangovers with intravenous hydration and vitamin supplementation. They decided to start their own business and offer weddings, vowel renewals and commitment ceremonies on wheels.


Gonzalez and Cass became ordained ministers and quit their jobs in June to focus on their new venture.


“There seemed to be an opening in the marketplace for a come-to-you service here in the wedding capital of the world, and it seems there was. We've been open just three weeks and have already officiated over 30 ceremonies,” Gonzalez, who calls himself Reverend Andy, said.


Mobile weddings may be a first for Vegas, but the concept isn’t a new one.


Rev. Darrell Best, of Shelbyville, Ill., has been performing weddings on wheels since 2009 when the Country Music Television show "Trick My Truck" outfitted his 1942 fire truck with stained glass windows, a pipe organ, an altar and two wooden pews.


Titled “The Best Man,” the truck is able to reach speeds of up to 62 miles per hour, earning it the Guinness World Record for fastest wedding chapel.


Check out a video of Rev. Best and his mobile chapel below.





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