Finding songs for Mother's Day isn't easy. In the history of rock, pop and ballads, there are simply way too many songs about mothers that, frankly, Mom would not be happy about.

So, to help you get your iPod filled with songs Mom would love, we here at the Mother Nature Network have gone ahead and done the research for you. We spent entirely too much time sifting through song lyric websites to find the melodies that will melt Mom's heart. At the same time, we've noted a few songs that, while they have the word "mother" in the title, you probably should stay away from on Mom’s special day.

Here you go:

"A Song For Mama" by Boyz II Men

An unfettered ballad with winning lyrics such as "Mama, I just want you to know, lovin' you is like food for my soul." This 1997 song is Boyz II Men's most recent single to break the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, topping out at number 7. It appeared on the album "Evolution" and served as the theme song for the film "Soul Food."

"I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever" by Cyndi Lauper

A sentimental tune told from the perspective of a kid who never wants Mom to leave. Lauper wrote this song with Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame) for the 2000 childrens' movie "Rugrats in Paris."

"Thank You Mom" by Good Charlotte

The sound of strumming guitars, emblematic of Good Charlotte's music, is the backbone of this ode to Mom, along with proud declarations of love and gratitude. This was a "hidden track" on Good Charlotte's self-titled debut album in 2000. It can be heard after a minute-long pause following the end of the last listed song, "Change."

"Hey Mama" by Kanye West

West delivers an enthusiastic homage to his mother, Donda West, in this soulful hip-hop tune. The song was released on the 2005 album, "Late Registration." After his mother died in late 2007, West began performing the song in her memory during concerts.

"A Mother's Prayer" by Celine Dion

In this velvety-soft ballad, the pop diva sings about the types of things almost every mother can identify with: she prays for her baby to be wise, safe and guided by grace. The song appeared on her 12th English-language album, "Miracle."

"To My Mama" by Bow Wow

The rap star pays tribute to Mom in this heartfelt hip-hop track. He released the song as part of his 2003 album, "Unleashed". The lyrics describe a mother juggling three jobs, working late-night shifts ("daytime to the AM") and worrying about past-due bills. Bow Wow tells her not to worry ("I gotcho back," he says) and lets her know that he understands how much she went through for their family to go "from bad to good, from frowns to smiles." Now, the rapper declares, she's "My mama, my road dog!"

"Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood

Despite its title, "Mama's Song" was a close call to make our list. The American Idol star has nice things to say about Mom in this country pop ballad. But, she also wants Mom to stop worrying about the new boy in her life. So, depending on what's going on with the boyfriends in your household, this song may actually increase tension in some families. On the other hand, it could also cause tears of joy to well in Mom's eyes if she knows her babies have grown up to make good choices. This song was the first promotional single in support of Underwood's 2009 album, "Play On."

And now, here are a few 'Mother' songs she probably doesn't want to hear (play these at your own risk on Mother's Day):

"Mother" by The Police

This was a short track written and sung by guitarist Andy Summers on the group's last studio album, "Synchronicity." Judging from the song, he's not a fan of getting multiple phone calls from Mom. He's also got relationship issues.

"Mother" by Pink Floyd

As part of the group's 1979 concept album, "The Wall," this song takes Mom to task for sheltering her baby from a variety of experiences and infusing him with her fears. Don't play this on Mother's Day unless you have unresolved issues from your counseling sessions.

"Mother, Mother" by Tracy Bonham

This was Tracy Bonham's best known single and features her real-life mother in the music video. The song, which appeared on the 1996 album, "The Burdens of Being Upright", begins with Bonham strumming the guitar and singing as though she was having a humdrum conversation with her mother on the phone. But, when Bonham hits the song's chorus, she explodes at Mom and tells her "I'm losing my mind! Everything's fine!"

"Mother" by Danzig

This is essentially a protest song against Tipper Gore for her part in helping to bring about the parental advisory warning on albums that contain explicit material. In it, frontman Glenn Danzig invites mothers to let him show them (and their daughters) what heavy metal's all about. Yep, it's at the bottom of our list of Mother's Day songs for a reason.

Mother's Day songs: A guide
Mother's Day songs. In the history of rock, pop and ballads, there are simply way too many songs about mothers that, frankly, Mom would not be happy about.