When it comes to green living, "We do quite a bit. My wife and I recycle the crap out of everything," says Nat Faxon, star of the Fox comedy "Ben & Kate," which premieres Sept. 25. "We adjust our thermostats depending on the season. Lights off. We are very aware, since we have children, 4 and 2."


The series casts him as the goofy, immature guy who moves in with — and always seems to make trouble for — his single-mom sister and her daughter. "He's a really fun, extroverted guy who you can hang out with and drink beers with and have a really fun night with and that's similar to the way I am, sociable and free-spirited, He's got a lot of balls in the air and some of them aren't landing," says Faxon. "I'm not so far from the character in terms of being silly and goofy, so that informs my character," he notes. "I also base him on a friend I grew up with."


Last spring, Faxon and his writing partner Jim Rash won the Best Screenplay Oscar for "The Descendants." "For us, writing was a way for Jim and I to create more interesting roles for ourselves. We were going out on a ton of auditions that weren't fulfilling or exciting and we weren't getting cast." The win "certainly provided momentum for us. This script was around for a few years and the Oscar certainly helped seal the deal," he says of his latest film project, "The Way, Way Back," which he wrote. "It's a dramedy, a coming of age story about 15-year-old who's at odds with his mom's boyfriend and over the course of the summer he finds himself. Jim and I both have small parts in it. We'll be doing post production on the movie while working on the show, nights and weekends, but we want to push ourselves a much as we can and continue to be creatively stimulated and to write and act in things we are excited about. I love performing. It's fun to be just an actor on something or just be the writer," he says. "I love the balance."


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Nat Faxon recycles, stars in 'Ben & Kate'
Nat Faxon, Oscar-winning writer of 'The Descendants' and star of new Fox sitcom talks eco-awareness.