"I remodeled my condo this year and everything had a green bent to it. Low flow toilets, the bathrooms are on sensors, the lights turn off if no one's in there. The countertops are made from recycled glass. And we furnished with a lot of vintage furniture," reports Danielle Panabaker, who stars in the Hallmark Channel movie "Nearlyweds," premiering Jan. 12. It's a romantic comedy about three newlywed girlfriends who discover that their pastor died before signing their marriage licenses so they're not legally married, and they must decide if they want to tie the knot for real.

"Each has their relationship struggles," says Panabaker, who plays a young doctor with a possessive "monster-in-law" (Naomi Judd) who's "not ready to let her son go. There's a lot of tension." Out of character, she and Judd had a great time. "She's incredibly intelligent and so well versed, she can speak on any subject. She's awesome."

Audiences will be seeing a lot of Panabaker in the coming months. She has a four-episode arc on USA's "Necessary Roughness" coming up, reprising her role as the Paris Hilton-esque daughter of the late football team owner, and she's booked a couple more episodes of Fox's "Bones," playing a young FBI agent that works with — and is a love interest for — Sweets (John Francis Daley).

Next month, she has an independent film called "Broken" due in theaters and VOD. "It's a coming of age story with a twist: the young woman gets raped and she and her co-worker go on a revenge spree. It has a really cool psychological twist to it at the end."


On "Shark Tank," the ABC show where entrepreneurs pitch a panel of wealthy investors, hoping for an influx of cash if they bite, green products have been featured since the first season. Green Garmento, a reusable dry cleaning bag, will be in an upcoming episode, and in this week's (Jan. 10) installment, the makers of Urbio, a modular vertical garden system, present their invention to the sharks. "We're always on the lookout" for green things, says producer Clay Newbill. "It's a good idea, good business and it helps the planet. It's a win-win. And we know the sharks think the same way."

Indeed, shark Lori Greiner, a QVC mogul and an inventor herself (pictured above), was crazy about Urbio. "I thought It was a very intelligent product because there are so many different things you can do with it. As an apartment dweller I think it's great. I think it will do phenomenal."

Greiner's success stories from the show include Kiss Stick, Game Face, Scrub Daddy, "a green product," and Readerest magnetic glasses holders, which has "hit four and a half million this year." She's not intimidated by the male sharks, despite their attempts to rattle her. "I love it, I don't mind at all. I think they're hysterical, I think they're intelligent, I love being around them," she says. "They're smart. I learn from them and I love fighting with them. I think of them as my brothers. We're all very close."


Tune in: Premiering Jan. 10 on Weather Channel, "Deadliest Space Weather" poses an interesting hypothetical: what if we experienced the weather on other planets on Earth? As the first episode, about Venus, depicts, we wouldn't last long. The dense, crushing atmosphere is 900 degrees hot, and the rain is acid.

Storm chasers, virus hunters, underwater pioneers James Cameron and Bob Ballard are among the explorers spotlighted in "A New Age of Exploration: National Geographic at 125," a one-hour special to be simulcast on National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild Jan. 11.

On the Jan. 13 episode of Food Network's "Rachael vs. Guy; Celebrity Cook-Off," it's a garden challenge. Contestants have to harvest and prepare a meal with the produce they choose. Should be a no-brainer for vegetarian Cornelia Guest, and Kathy Najimy, who's accustomed to making vegan meals for her daughter.

Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC

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