"I'm always conscious of the types of products I use to clean my home. I use environmentally safe cleaning products to make sure they don't harm the planet," says Nicollette Sheridan. "I'm plagued by the fact that people use plastic products and throw them away and don't recycle. I recycle and also use glass along with other reusable items like a stainless steel canteen."

On Aug. 13, Sheridan stars in the Hallmark Channel movie "Honeymoon For One," playing a workaholic ad exec who finds out her fiancée cheated and calls off the wedding but decides to take the honeymoon alone. She meets a man (Greg Wise) who's trying to protect the beautiful Irish countryside from developers.

Shooting on location in Ireland was a draw for Sheridan, who plays a city girl but in reality has a passionate love of nature. Riding horses since she was three in her native London, she rides every day when she's not working. "It really is sort of my peace and my serenity when I'm out with the horses and my dog. You know, you have a responsibility when you have animals. They need to be exercised, just like we do, so I get out there as often as I can. I think it's very important to be able to take in your surroundings and breathe the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature," she continues. "It's very grounding and very centering."

The fact that the role is a departure from the character she played on "Desperate Housewives," the scheming, predatory Edie Britt, was "part of the allure" for Sheridan, as was playing a woman who "struggles with her immersion in the business world and her lack of paying attention to her needs, her sense of self, and her relationship." In real life, Sheridan has a better handle on that balance. "I really try to take one day at a time and enjoy the moments," she says. "I have a life outside of work."

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