Niecy Nash is living a little greener, thanks to "Living With Niecy," the new reality show she's doing for TLC that premieres March 25. "In the process of filming, the crew brought in energy efficient light bulbs," says the comedienne and newlywed, who decided to go the reality TV route to set a loving example for her three children from her first marriage about "what real love looks like up close" and show viewers that love can be "sweet and good and real."

Nash, who married electrical engineer Jay Tucker last May 28, didn't mind having the cameras around. "My house is full of antics, mayhem, foolishness and carrying on, whether the cameras are there or not," she says, unconcerned that putting her family on TV will create any problems. "Our foundation is solid. We understand exactly what we're doing. We went in eyes wide open," she assures.

Not surprisingly, Nash is working on a book "about love and about relationships, second chances and inviting people to think a little bit differently when it comes to love." She also has another series on the way, this one a TV Land sitcom called "Have Faith" in which she plays the wife of minister Cedric the Entertainer, whose character first appeared on "Hot in Cleveland." It's a situation Nash knows something about. "My first husband was an R&B singer turned pastor," she says. She's also worked with Cedric before. They co-starred in the 2007 comedy "Code Name: The Cleaner."

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Niecy Nash sees the light
Niecy Nash on keeping it real (and green) at home and her new TLC reality show 'Living with Niecy.'