"I'm a non-meat eater, a save-the-planet kind of girl. I don't eat out of disposables. I have rescue dogs," says Maggie Q, whose CW series "Nikita" returns with new episodes Jan. 27.

"The stories are starting to intertwine. You're starting to see how their pasts have brought them to this point. Now that we're going to be flashing back, you see how that web has been weaved," she says. "We're starting to see more Michael and Nikita stuff, where they're trying to get back on the road to trusting each other again. But there are going to be some new guys to throw a wrench into that relationship."

Even for a seasoned action star like Miss Q, "the fight choreography is incredibly complex. Whether you've done it before or not, it takes a lot of heart and time and energy." She and co-star Lyndsy Fonseca often train together. "She's always been supportive and there for me. I always know she has my back," says Fonseca, who loves "the variety of stuff we get to do on the show. We get to do stunts. We get to do emotional scenes. We never get bored."

As for green living, "I always recycle. I always turn lights off. I don't use plastic water bottles. I do every little bit that I can," says Fonseca. She'll be seen later this year in "Fort McCoy," set at a U.S. prison camp for German and Japanese POWs during World War II. "It's about a civilian family and how they're affected by the war."

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