Andrew Mayne is not your typical man-on-the-street magician. He's not pulling a quarter from behind your ear. He's making your car disappear right before your eyes. Or he's making your iPhone vanish from your purse and teleport into a sealed pickle jar. The magician just wrapped the first season of "Don't Trust Andrew Mayne" on the A&E network, and here's a sample of some of the amazing tricks he can do:

1. He will steal your car.

We've seen David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty vanish, but this trick Andrew does in a parking lot is a little more personal.

2. He will make your driver's license disappear ...

... and then magically reappear in a sealed beer bottle at the bottom of a lake.

3. He turns an egg into a baby chick.

Dropping eggs inside a grocery store usually is not a good idea — unless, of course, you replace them with a live baby chick.

4. He will steal your phone and teleport it to a vending machine.

In a classic Mayne trope, an item disappears from point A and somehow reappears at Point B.

5. He will steal your phone and teleport it inside a pickle jar.

It seems the grocery store is a common hangout for Andrew.

6. He reveals the surprising connection between two complete strangers.

Mayne finds two random people on the street and discovers the magical way they're connected. This trick often leads to the strangers going on a first date.

7. He forces people to break the rules.

How far will people go to get their driver's license back? Watch and see.

8. He grabs items from a TV screen.

This trick gives a whole new meaning to 3-D effects.

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