Oprah's Favorite ThingsOprah Winfrey revives her wildly popular "Favorite Things" gift extravaganza this Sunday, Nov. 18 on OWN in a two-hour special in which she showers unsuspecting military spouses with holiday gifts, including a few eco-friendly items: Earth Balance natural, vegan and gluten-free coconut peanut butter and Wakaya Perfection organic ginger, for example. Viewers will have the chance to win selected items seen on the show by following instructions in on-screen messages during the broadcast. Find more info at oprah.com.




Tune in: Just weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, killing at least 160 people and causing billions in damage, History Channel premieres "Superstorm 2012: Hell and High Water" on Nov. 18, focusing on the anatomy of the storm and its aftermath, as experts weigh in on what it could indicate about the future of volatile weather.


On Nat Geo Wild, "Stranger Than Nature: Raining Fish" examines the mysterious downpour of fish in the Australian Outback 300 miles from any water and the mass beaching of 55 whales (Nov. 21) and "Winged Seduction: Birds of Paradise" focuses on the unusual breeding rituals of the New Guinea avians (Nov. 22).


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'Oprah's Favorite Things,' raining fish and more
In this week's Ecollywood wrap-up, there's plenty to catch on the tube and beyond from Oprah's favorite things to a new National Geographic program on raining f