"I always make green resolutions," says "Entertainment Tonight's" Nancy O'Dell, co-host/co-judge of Oprah Winfrey Network's Friday night competition reality series "Your OWN Show" with Carson Kressley. "I've been looking at hybrid cars. I love the Audi. They're coming out with a new version and I hope my lease isn't up before that. Of course we have recycling bins. I use the back of paper. And I try to get energy efficient appliances," she says. Kressley, who kept O'Dell "in hysterics the entire time" on the set, drives a Tahoe hybrid. "It's the only American-made hybrid SUV. I need an SUV because I have a lot of stuff."

Compared to the last reality competition he hosted/judged last summer, "'True Beauty' was kind of a guilty pleasure and this job is just a pleasure," says Kressley, who can relate to being plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight when "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" became a pop culture phenomenon. "I worked at Ralph Lauren one day and the next I'm at the Emmys," he says. This summer he'll return to OWN with "Carson-Nation," traveling around America doing makeovers.

O'Dell, formerly of "Access Hollywood," remembers watching Mary Hart on "ET" as a girl and thinking it was "the coolest job ever," never expecting to have it. But when Hart announced she was exiting her longtime anchor gig, "I got the call. I guess it was meant to be," she says.

Nine contestants remain of the ten finalists, who were selected from 15,000 auditioners. The winner will get to host their own show on OWN for six weeks.

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