In a world filled with unlimited publicity opportunities for anyone in the business of building doomsday shelters, Vivos owner Robert Vicino probably never figured PETA would provide one.

The animal rights org recently sent a letter to Vicino, currently in the process of completing construction of a bunker somewhere under the Mohave Desert, urging him to stock only vegan grub. For a fee, about 200 people can seek refuge from natural and human-caused catastrophes in the massive network of shelters. (The official site puts a great emphasis in particular on the 2012 apocalyptic buzz.)

"Whether you live in an underground bunker or a penthouse suite, the best way to ensure that you'll still be around next year is to ditch meat and go vegan," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "By maintaining a vegan diet, the bunkered survivors would be in better shape to adapt to their post-apocalyptic world and would help put an end to the doomsday scenarios that animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses face every day."

Honestly, the marketing folks at PETA are geniuses in how they a.) discover these stories and b.) use them to their advantage. Vicino would be wise to take this opportunity to respond in kind and offer something to keep the PR wheels spinning. With 19 more giant underground shelters planned throughout the U.S., I'm sure there's room in there to announce an all-vegan option to those doomsday believers with discriminating tastes.

Check out the full letter here.

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PETA urges doomsday bunker builder to stock vegan food
Animal rights org says an animal-free diet would lead to better survival in a post-apocalyptic world.