Louis Daguerre may be credited for inventing photography, but modern retailers have taken photo gifts to a whole new level.

For the 2010 season, gift shoppers can choose from a dazzling array of personalized items — from baseballs stamped with your little leaguer’s photo to stylish purses featuring granny’s favorite angelic faces.

Discount Photo Gifts offers movies starring your tween, teen or toddler in the lead role. If a sweet face with a sweet tooth is at the receiving end, check out the array of baked goods with an edible photo on top, including brownies, chocolates, cookies, lollipops and even those sticky but oh-so-popular Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats. Great for the dieter, too, as these sweets are too cute to eat.

A perfect gift for the special chop-aholic in your life would be the photo-embedded cutting board. Your significant other can stare into your eyes as she gently slices the fat off the holiday ham while wondering if you'll dare to wear the tie with her face on it to the office party.

Photo gift dartboardFor the sports fiend, try a soccer ball blazing with the team photo, a dartboard (pictured right) with the science teacher’s face on it, or a basketball, hockey puck or football stamped with your loved one’s photo.

There’s almost no limit to where photo gifts can go. One site offers end tables topped with tiles that re-create your favorite photograph. Accessorize a step further with a funky photo clock, a light affection photo frame, and an oversized couch throw featuring the grandchildren for a knock-out room that says “I want to see your face 24/7.”

Photo gift backbackPhoto gifts can get pricey, as with the stunning but bank-breaking 42-inch canvas print offered by PhotoWow for $510, design and pewter frame included. Gina Alexander offers the Janie handbag with leather detailing for $365. For about a third of that price, consider some unique sterling silver arch frame photo earrings at $135 a pair from ILovePhotoGifts, or their photo backpack at just under $100 (pictured left).

Cost-conscious photo gift shoppers have choices, too.

Photo gifts basketballWalmart offers personalized ornaments, collage mugs, holiday plates and more for $10, with free shipping on many photo gifts.

And before you buy, skim through the price comparisons, product lists and money-saving coupons at PhotoGiftCoupons, a must-see website for anyone ordering photo gifts.

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Sarah F. Berkowitz Sarah F. Berkowitz was born in Jerusalem, raised in Detroit, and currently lives in Atlanta with her Manhattan born and bred husband. Her dream of becoming a psychologist was traded in for a laptop and chef’s hat when she decided to pursue her passion for writing and food. Sarah enjoys cooking, trying to get food to stay still for a good photo, and convincing her kids that they're lucky to have a chef as a mom. (They're still waiting for dinner.)

Photo gifts
Louis Daguerre may be credited for inventing photography, but modern retailers have taken photo gifts to a whole new level. We've got several ideas for turning