On the set of "Pretty Little Liars," "We don't use water bottles — we eliminated them halfway through. We have our own canteens. I definitely think it's helped out a lot," says Lucy Hale, who recycles and drives a Prius and vows to "keep up the same good habits" this year.

Hale plays Aria, one of four friends, all of whom have secrets — hers is a romantic relationship with her teacher, Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). "I know there's a lot of controversy, and some people are against it, but there are genuine feelings and these two people are soul mates," says Hale, who relishes her role in the ABC Family drama. "I like that she's different and she's smart and she's very headstrong. She knows what she wants and I feel like a lot of young girls don't have that mindset. To play such a strong character at 16, I think it’s good for other girls to see that. And it's fun to play a bad girl."

A "huge horror movie fan," Hale gets to be in "Scream 4" this April 15. "It was one of my most favorite experiences so far," she says. Also a singer, she'll get a showcase for that talent in an ABC Family movie sequel to the "Cinderella Story" flicks that previously starred Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez.

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