Prince Charles has announced that his private London gardens at Clarence House will be open to the public for the first time during the 12-day Garden Party To Make A Difference event in September.

The festival was created as part of the Prince's START initiative, which encourages people to live more sustainable lives. It will feature exhibitions, interactive displays and a host of activities and live performances all dedicated to the green scene. 

"We have a fantastic team of talented curators who are helping us create an event which will, I hope, be both fun and informative," said Charles. "This festival is just one way in which START can help to demonstrate how we can all make a difference, however big or small the steps we take."

Visitors to Clarence House will have the opportunity to wander through the various rose gardens — as well as check out the prince's own vegetable patch. As expected from a guy with a book titled "The Elements of Organic Gardening", everything in the ground is a reflection of Charles' commitment to sustainable agriculture and farming.

Should be a great way to see his passion for organic gardening first-hand. The event will run from Sept. 8-19.

via BBC

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Prince Charles to open private London gardens
12-day public access part of "Garden Party To Make A Difference" event.