"I'm getting some solar panels installed on my home at considerable expense, but well worth it," says Radha Mitchell, pointing out the energy savings. She takes "a lot of plane flights but [tries] to remain aware" of her carbon footprint. "I drive a small car and try not to drink bottled water." She also follows a mostly but "not exclusively" vegetarian diet. "I eat a little bit of fish."

The Australian actress ("Pitch Black," "Finding Neverland," "Man on Fire") is starring in her first American TV series, as a woman from a crime family who has managed to distance herself from that world, but gets drawn back into it when her husband is murdered and leaves her in debt to the Russian mob, forcing her to deal drugs.

"Her life is so well structured and then it gets so ripped apart," observes Mitchell about her "Red Widow" character, Marta Walraven. "She gets dragged into this world, and she does some very morally ambiguous things, but I think the most interesting part is she will enjoy it. The further she gets into it, she realizes she can do it. She's actually quite good at it. But it breaks her heart that her children will be exposed to it. She's trying to make life for her children as normal as possible and it does get harder as the story goes on."

Mitchell has several films awaiting release, including the Jack Kerouac bio "Big Sur," but is prepared to commit to "Red Widow" for the long run. "It's like getting married but you don't know who you're getting married to," she says. "But at least they're good people to be stuck with!"

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Radha Mitchell on solar, saving water and 'Red Widow'
The actress, who follows a mostly vegetarian diet, stars in her first American TV show, 'Red Widow.'