While the Toronto set of "Rookie Blue" recycles and switched from plastic bottles to refillable canteens, Missy Peregrym would like to see bigger eco-changes. "It would be really wonderful if we could all have iPads instead of scripts. It would be awesome to do that because it is unnecessary to print everything on paper," says the actress, whose ABC cop drama returns to ABC for its second season June 23.

In the premiere, Peregrym's Andy McNally blames herself for a bystander's death and deals with continuing love life issues. Although she's moved in with Det. Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson), she has unresolved feelings for her former training officer Sam Swarek (Ben Bass). "I have second thoughts and you will see why. Luke's ex-girlfriend starts to work in the division and it becomes a major issue. Sam isn't my training officer anymore. I can actually date him without losing my job. And there's chemistry there. Sam isn't just the bad boy," says Peregrym. "Things go a little deeper with him and it makes him more lovable."

Greg Smith's character Dov Epstein also gets a love interest, "a SWAT team officer who gets me out of a pickle in which I lodged myself," notes Smith. It's revealed in the premiere that his character had a brother who killed himself. "That gives you an insight into why he decided to become a cop and why he is so intense about it. It is something that is explored in different episodes." Over all, there's a theme that "a little bit of knowledge could be a dangerous thing," Smith continues. "Last year, we were always with our training officer while we were learning what to do. This year, they cut us loose so we are patrolling by ourselves. With that newfound responsibility and confidence, there is a lot of room for error."

"The consequences are pretty big," confirms Peregrym. "I think it is great that the intros are finished and we can dive into all the characters and get to know them better."

With all 13 episodes in the can, both actors are relaxing, reconnecting with friends and family, and traveling this summer while waiting to hear about a season three pickup. "We are confident in what we have done, but we don't feel like we're a shoe-in for a third season. I think we would be very grateful to have it," says Peregrym. "I don't think we could have done anything better," adds Smith. "Now, it is just up to the fates."

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