Ecollywood logoA vegetarian since his teens and a vegan since he saw the documentary "Forks Over Knives" in 2011 — also the year PETA named him Sexiest Vegetarian — Russell Brand comes to FX this week with the premiere of his late-night show "Brand X." The six episodes showcase the British comedian's take on pop culture, politics and whatever comes to mind. (The June 28 opener will mingle the Dalai Lama and circumcision.) "This show draws on the discipline of standup comedy in that there's a immediacy, a spontaneity, a truth to it, a truthful reaction from someone who ain't yet been fully inculcated into this culture," says Brand. "It's a very free‑flowing show, sort of news and topical comedy, very deconstructive, stripped of all nonsense, stripped of all subterfuge, just truth and beauty and humor."


Now also starring in the musical "Rock of Ages," Brand will be seen next year in an as-yet-untitled Diablo Cody movie and he will heard in the animated "Despicable Me 2."





Tune in: Ocean explorer Chris Fischer leads an expedition to South Africa to tag and follow great white sharks in the new History Channel series "Shark Wranglers," premiering July 1. The information Fischer and his team collect will help them save the species by mapping migration patterns of great whites and protecting them from fishermen who kill millions of sharks per year for their fins.


Premiering on June 29, PBS' "Consuelo Mack WealthTrack" kicks off its ninth season with the two-part special "Impact Investing Opportunities," focusing on investing in companies that are committed to sustainability and have positive impacts on their communities.


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Russell Brand, 'Shark Wranglers' coming to your TV soon
Comedian and vegan Russell Brand has a new latenight show; History Channel spotlights 'Shark Wranglers' in South Africa.