As the mother of a one-year-old son, Sarah Chalke keeps her home environment as green as possible. "It was a big priority for me to have as much organic stuff, wooden toys, organic bedding. We use Happy Heiny's as much as possible," she says, referring to the reusable cloth diapers she prefers. "We try to keep any baby products very natural. I did a lot of reading while I was pregnant. It's a priority for my family and how we were raised. My family was vegetarian for 12 years, and we always recycled. A delivery truck would deliver a box of organic fruits and vegetables," she recalls.

"Scrubs" alumna Chalke stars in the new CBS romantic comedy "Mad Love," which premieres, appropriately, on Valentine's Day. She stars opposite Jason Biggs, Judy Greer and Tyler Labine in a relationship sitcom about four New Yorkers, two of whom are in love, two of whom can't stand one another. (Chalke and Biggs are the former.)

She says she was immediately drawn to her character. "What I loved about Kate right away is her total optimism. She sees the sunny side of everything and that's been really fun to play because in her relationship she wants to see the good in all sides of that," she says, noting another commonality between her and the character. "She's extremely klutzy. I lose my boss's dog in one episode, and I lose everything in my own life. I lost my engagement ring,” she points out; the replacement has her fiancé's phone number engraved inside.

She's enjoying her return to working steadily for the first time since "Scrubs," and she's grateful that the multi-camera, shot-on-a-soundstage format provides a lighter work schedule that gives her more time with her son, Charlie. "They have a nursery set up for him right outside my dressing room. Mondays and Tuesdays are lighter days, and we work three weeks on, one week off," she says. "I feel very lucky."

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